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Mindover U: Hack Your Thinking

Track: Academics
Region: South

Mindover U is an idea for a learning instituition that focuses on teaching the necessary mindsets to excel in the 21st century workplace.

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What is your project?

Motivation Mission and Vision of Mindover U 

  •  31% percent of employers indicated that recent graduates are unprepared or very unprepared for their job search. 
  •  Over half of the employers indicated difficulty in finding qualified candidates for job openings. 
  • When it comes to the skills most needed by employers, job candidates are lacking most in written and oral communication skills, adaptability and managing multiple priorities, and decision making and problem solving. 
To produce self-directed learners who are ready to tackle real world challenges and excel in the 21st century workforce.

 - Provide mentoring for students pursuing self-directed skill acquisition

- Offer popup learning opportunities to develop interconnected mindsets 

- Create innovation ready people

What's different: 

Path of a typical Mindover U student:

  • Enroll in a semester-long design thinking course. At the beginning of the course, students form teams, develop a "How Might We?" problem (based on the combination each individual's big idea), determine roles (e.g. artist, programmer, writer, lawyer, etc.) and use the design thinking method to complete the project. Every semester students will form a new "HMW" problem. 
  • Meet with personal coach to determine self-directed learning for skill acquisition through massive online courses (Coursera, Udacity, Skillshare), and individual research
  • Through the semester, students can engage in popup learning opportunities including classes, workshops, and conferences (ranging from two days to two weeks) offered by Mindover U to develop mindsets on based on entrepreneurship, growth, creativity, innovation, design thinking, emotion regulation, and adaptability. Students can also create their own self-directed "popup classes" based on collectively interested topics.


  • Students will be more motivated to learn new skills when they can immediately apply them to a goal or challenge. 
  • This format will better prepare students for the 21st century workforce.
  • Learning interconnected mindsets will prepare students regardless of what field they pursue. 


The face to face aspect of Mindover U is intended to last two years and be either an alternative to college or a "gap year" option. 

Cost structure: 

  • Yearly enrollment fee to use resources, meet with coaches, and enroll in design thinking class
  • Pay for individual popup learning opportunities as they are offered.
  • Fee only for staying in the living learning community 


Mindover U Road Trip (Date: TBA)

Mindover U plans to travel to various cities across the country offering 1-2 one week "popup" mindset thinkjams to high school and early college students. Students will form teams and tackle a challenge while engaging in guest seminars on the various mindsets. 


What is your perception of the future, and how does your project respond to that perception?



How will you use your time in each city to advance your project?


What is your project designed to accomplish?

This project is designed to further develop the mission and vision of Mindover U by engaging with millennials and past, present, and future college students across the country. I hope to receive the skills, motivation, and experience necessary to make Mindover U a reality. 


How do you plan to share the outcome of your project and the impact of your MTP experience with others?

The Mindover U website will be opening soon and the experiences from this project will be shared on the website's blog and social media outlets in the form of text, pictures, and videos. 


Gregory Wilson
PhD Student @ UGA

About Gregory Wilson

I am currently a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, NCIIA Student Ambassador, and PhD student at the University of Georgia majoring in Learning, Design, and Technology in the Education Department. My research interests include interdisciplinary collaboration, integrating entrepreneurial concepts into design-based learning activities, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation on campus. I am seeking to answer the following question: "How can students in different fields that don't normally collaborate come together to develop new innovations?" I hope to develop tools and methods for exposing higher education students to ideation, design, and technology. I am also interested in developing after school programs, small group activities, and learning kits.